Why Staron?

Staron, The Premium Solid Surface

Staron allows nearly any design idea to flourish.
Available in more than 100 colors and patterns, Staron can be
easily fabricated to create nearly any shape or inset and can be
thermoformed into flowing curves. Seams are glued and buffed
for absolutely seamless walls, columns, display fixtures and other designs.
And because Staron is nonporous, it is certified for use in applications
that natural stone is not, such as health care and food service.
Designers and decorators are especially impressed with Staron’s
Tempest colors and the natural patterns of its Supreme collection.

Staron | Tempest | Supreme
  • tempest

    Tempest, The Brilliant Solid Surface

    Tempest combines the elegant patterns of natural elements with the durability and workability of solid surface. These color choices have a degree of translucency that exhibits diamond-like particulate and the brilliance of precious metals. The splendor of dazzling, reflected light create a true elegance in any space.

  • supreme

    Supreme Collection, A Showcase Of Natural Patterns

    The Staron Supreme collection contains trending colors that flow in natural rhythmic patterns. Inspired by nature with a contemporary design aesthetic in mind, Supreme collection colors help create an impressive interior environment.

  • Reliable Management

    - Professional product management
    - The assurance of a 10-year warranty
    - Dependable, high-quality product,
    certified for sustainable building practices,
    health care, food service and more.

  • Great Sanitation

    - Easy maintenance
    - Non-porous material won’t allow
    molds and germs to penetrate
    - Resistant to chemical cleansers,
    sanitizers and disinfectants

  • Outstanding
    Product Quality

    - Can be processed in 3D with more accuracy
    - Resistant to scratches and impact
    - Smooth, seamless workability
    - Available in more than 100 colors and patterns
    - Designed with the assistance of color trend professionals

  • Design Flexibility

    - Can be thermoformed to created rounded shapes,
    curved walls, table supports and
    even rounded columns.
    - Can be cut with CNC machine to create precise
    3D images that are revealed when backlit
    for stunning displays, signage and interior walls.

  • Global Network

    - Offices (six) in each continent with approximately
    180 distribution locations
    - Cooperation with business partners
    throughout the world



Make an impression
with a new standard of design